C# / .NET

Do you want to create an api service, or web application?

Or maybe a cross-platform app for all modern desktop and mobile OS? The .NET will help you unlock the potential of your business in an IT solution!

The technology builds high-quality and productive programs with a modern interface, design, and deep support for third-party modules.

In brief: .NET as part of C#

The .NET platform is a universal framework for creating local and web apps of varying complexity, microservices, modules, etc, for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. It uses C# but can work with other programming languages.

With the help of .NET, native digital products are developed for most modern operating systems that easily adapt to screen formats, integrate with cloud services, etc.

Features of .NET

It is an open-source framework that allows you to involve the community in the software development process via GitHub. It is ideal when you need to quickly develop and release a cross-platform application.

  • The modern architecture of the framework allows you to edit the software code without decompiling it and run functional parts of the app in special containers to test the technical condition.
  • The extremely powerful and flexible platform makes it easy to scale off-the-shelf software or migrate outdated apps to a new tech stack.
  • Support for current and future generation graphics engines provides opportunities for building modern designs with advanced animation.

The platform has built-in tools, comprehensive documentation, and LIVE support for developers from Microsoft specialists.

Types of software you can develop with .NET

The .NET platform is suitable for implementing basic PC or smartphone programs, web apps, cloud SaaS, and enterprise systems of varying complexity. The framework can also be used to develop microservice IT solutions, API modules and libraries, software extensions, and apps.

As for corporate systems, highly modular and secure digital products for any business industry are implemented on the basis of .NET.

For example:

  • software for database management and monitoring of IT infrastructure resources;
  • integrated multifunctional business solutions;
  • digital tools for customer service, process automation, etc.

In addition to the above, you can build custom software of any scale, design, and business logic based on .NET. All you need is the help of C# and .NET development specialists.

Managed Code experts know how to create a flexible and scalable program that will fully meet the IT needs of your business. Delegate the project to professionals and quickly deploy your digital solution for client or corporate use.


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