Do you want to release your own interactive website or web app?

The ASP.NET platform is the best choice for this. It has a user-friendly framework, an advanced API, and many modern features for implementing business strategies for any industry and scale.

Up-to-date information security protocols, support for cloud environments, an extensive communication system, and encryption of communication channels are all you need to create a progressive IT solution for corporate or consumer use.

Not just app

The ASP.NET platform is a modern view of the networked IT industry. The framework has a robust base enough to implement interactive web apps of any scale or complexity. You can develop, for example, the following based on ASP.NET:

  • Marketplaces for goods or services.
  • Cross-functional apps for business.
  • Process control and automation systems.
  • Tools for marketing or analytics.
  • Streaming platforms with integrated video or audio players.
  • Extensive corporate systems such as ERP, CRM, etc.
  • Platforms for the fintech industry.
  • Chats, messengers, communication portals, etc.

These aren't the only digital products that can be implemented based on ASP.NET. In practice, this list can include almost all known types of IT solutions.

Platform features

Web apps based on ASP.NET have powerful potential because the framework offers numerous unique advantages. For example:

  • Support for HTML, CSS, JS, and C#.
  • A modern API that significantly expands the functionality of the platform.
  • Two-way streaming communication between the Back-End and Front-End components in real-time.
  • Implementation of third-party modules in the form of microservice extensions that run in isolated containers.
  • Adaptive and visually pleasing design.
  • Convenient and logical interface.
  • Support modern security protocols for authentication and registration of users in the system.
  • Full integration with cloud products and servers.
  • Native work with Windows-based VMs and Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.).
  • Multi-channel data transmission at maximum speeds that depend only on the provider.

ASP.NET offers the most loyal opportunities for scaling digital products, both websites and web apps, or even semi-native cross-platform solutions.

Minimum costs – maximum profitability

The ASP.NET platform is released for use in developing apps of any complexity and scale. Development usually takes less time, as the .NET ecosystem has many solutions to easily adapt the code to most target devices.

Moreover, a small team of specialized experts is enough to create code that works equally well in browsers and mobile devices. Accordingly, you save resources by hiring specialists who will implement your project quickly and efficiently.

Delegate the task of developing your ASP.NET-based IT product to professionals at the Managed Code team. We will perfect your concept by building the best business logic and UX of a digital solution, combined with advanced functionality and native application performance.


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