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Software Development

Custom software development services to our clients. Developing applications, web-based systems, mobile applications, and more.

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IT Consulting

Helping with improving technology infrastructure. Creating technology roadmaps, and offering advice to improve security, productivity, and efficiency.

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Cloud storage

Setting up and managing cloud infrastructure, providing cloud-based storage solutions, and helping clients migrate their data and applications to the cloud.

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Helping clients protect their data and systems from cyber threats. Conducting security audits, developing security policies and procedures, and providing ongoing monitoring and management of security systems.

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Data Analytics

Analyzing services to help clients make better business decisions. Analyzing large amounts of data to uncover trends and insights, creating data visualizations, and developing predictive models to help clients anticipate future trends.

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Open Source

We're passionate of open source software. Creating high-quality, reliable, and innovative open source projects that benefit everyone, while promoting sustainability in the world.

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Featured Technologies

We specialize in


Blazor is a web framework that enables us to create interactive web applications using C# and Razor syntax. With Blazor, we can build rich, client-side UI components without relying on JavaScript, providing a seamless experience for both developers and users.

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As a powerful and versatile programming language, C# allows us to develop a wide range of applications, from desktop to web and mobile solutions. With its strong support for modern programming patterns, C# enables us to build efficient and robust software for our clients

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Microsoft Orleans

Orleans is a cutting-edge framework that simplifies the development of scalable and high-performance distributed applications. By using Orleans, we can create robust, cloud-native applications that automatically adapt to fluctuations in demand and provide high availability.

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ASP.NET is a high-performance framework for building modern, dynamic web applications. With its robust set of features, we can create secure and scalable web solutions that cater to a diverse range of business requirements.

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UI/UX Design

With a powerful blend of UX/UI design tools at our disposal, we’re creating interfaces that are not just easy to use, but also eye-catching. From advanced design software for crafting appealing visuals, to prototyping tools for perfecting the user journey, we’ve got it all. We dive deep into user behavior with analytics and heat mapping to pinpoint what works and what doesn't, ensuring every element hits the mark.

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.NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) enables us to create cross-platform, native applications for various devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. By using MAUI, we can deliver a consistent and intuitive user experience across different platforms with a single codebase.

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