UX/UI Design or Digital Product Design

A website or web app is a powerful interaction channel between your target audience and your business. UI/UX design aims to attract users' attention with a unique visual and guarantee the most available and straightforward experience with the product.


UI/UX design is critical for startup projects. It allows you to make a better impression and increase recognition in your target market.

Online Education

Quality UI/UX design is essential for educational platforms. It makes distance learning easier and more interesting for users from all over the world.


UI/UX is particularly important for trading platforms because the convenience of shopping depends on it. Intelligent design improves conversion rates, retains existing customers, and increases profits.


UI/UX designers create a logical and understandable interface for fitness and health client mobile apps and corporate medical software

Gaming Industry

UI/UX design is crucial in creating engaging and visually appealing games. Both the visuals and the usability of the controls depend on it.

Financial institutions

Financial organizations cannot do without UI/UX design. This is an opportunity to improve the customer experience of transfers, financial management, mobile banking, etc.

What We Offer

Why turn to Managed Code designers?

Connect through UI, delight through UX. Those are the keys to unlocking customer attention. Create your value. Leave an impact while prioritizing accessibility for all. 

Experienced professionals

Our company has completed dozens of successful UI/UX design projects. We are constantly developing and improving our skills.

Individual approach

During the implementation of the project, we are guided by the requirements of your business and the preferences of the target audience.

Convenient payment

You can choose the most convenient way to pay for services, for example, by a fixed cost or by the hour.


We are responsible for the quality of your project. You get a unique product that meets the original requirements.

Flexibility of cooperation

Not only do we specialize in design from scratch, but we are ready to join your in-house team at any stage.

Post-launch support

We provide support and service; if necessary, we provide consulting assistance.

The UI/UX design includes 7 steps

How does the UI/UX design process occur?

01.  Determining the tasks and goals of the project

Immerse yourself in the project and figure out what tasks the UI/UX design should solve, such as improving the shopping experience or making it easier to pay for services.

02.  Market analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis of the main competitors and their strengths to enhance the product.

03.  Audience analysis

Creating a portrait of the end user, defining the primary and secondary values, and creating scenarios for using the digital product.

04.  Design concept development

Creation of several layouts of the future design, considering UI/UX trends to determine the most user-oriented option.

05.  Prototyping

Development of an interactive prototype that contains all the visual and functional elements of the site or app.

06.  Testing and refining the design

Test the prototype for bugs with real users and refine the UI/UX according to their feedback.

07.  Support and development

If necessary, improve the visuals and user experience based on the current requirements of the audience.

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