Cloud Architecture Consulting

The help of experts will ensure that you comprehensively optimize the process of transferring your business to the cloud infrastructure. In addition, consulting has a number of beneficial features for entrepreneurs.

Reducing the cost of transformation

Choosing an incompatible architecture or platform carries the risk of financial loss. We will help mitigate potential issues by identifying them in advance.

Expert selection of technologies and stacks

Cloud architecture consulting allows you to proactively assess risks and benefits, choose the right tech stack, and effectively leverage new opportunities for your business.

Researching the value of the cloud for your business

The profitability of your digital solution depends on the type. We will help determine the positive impact of the cloud on your software revenue.

Risk and benefit assessment for your digital product

Unsure about the feasibility of using the cloud instead of local resources? We will provide a comprehensive analysis that will convince you of its effectiveness.

Development of an efficient cloud environment design (architecture)

Simply selecting a cloud service provider and migrating data is not enough. We will build infrastructure directly tailored to your product.

What We Offer

Why should you choose Managed Code?

Unleash cloud potential. Our focus is on optimizing your cloud technologies to enhance business operations. We're here to assist you in making your digital infrastructure in the cloud more efficient, secure, and scalable. Ready to achieve your objectives with confidence? 

Value of research

Providing a guarantee that our recommendations will improve the efficiency of your business.

Multi-industry experience

Collaboration with various modern business segments and company types.

Flexible service package

Services that are available even for organizations with limited budgets.

Access to cutting-edge analytical tools

Utilizing modern services and information sources for effective cloud resource development.

Expertise in cloud architecture

An efficient design of IT infrastructure considering the specifics of your business.

Client-oriented approach

When designing cloud architecture, we focus on the preferences and unique aspects of our clients' businesses.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture Consulting by Manage Code

01. Analysis of the niche, business, and existing digital solution

Studying the industry specifics and the particular solution to explore the options for utilizing cloud technologies.

02. Audit of the tech stack

Analyzing the stack and identifying compatible (most efficient) cloud solutions.

03. Analytics of the idea and potential implementation options

Considering the client's concept and interpreting it in terms of IT to highlight the most advantageous way to transform it into a final product.

04.  Search for the most advantageous options

Researching available cloud sector offerings and selecting the one that fully meets the business and target audience needs.

05. Assistance in selecting the tech stack

In addition to choosing the provider, determining a set of tools, packaged solutions, and related systems for the effective implementation of the idea.

06. Creation of cloud architecture design

Developing a plan and transformation roadmap and visualizing the platform's multi-layered structure, potential integrations, security algorithms, and more.

07. Providing recommendations or independent project development

Preparing technical documentation with a step-by-step guide for project implementation. Alternatively, initiating the development process through the resources of Managed Code's team (option available).

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