Automation Testing

Automation of QA and testing will ensure that your IT product is of proper quality and highly competitive in the target market.

Automated QA is one of the most effective ways to ensure your digital product is of the highest quality. It also has many advantages.

Reduced labor costs

Automated algorithms are utilized instead of manually checking each element, decreasing the resources required for comprehensive testing. This, in turn, reduces QA expenses.

Accelerated release

The speed of testing, just like development, impacts release timelines. The shorter the timelines, the higher the chances of maintaining the competitiveness and viability of the IT product in the target market. Automation reduces the time needed for comprehensive software testing and its publication.

Mitigation of potentially dangerous bugs

Issues overlooked in the initial iterations often pose significant challenges for later versions. Automated software testing allows timely identification and localization of bugs, enabling their resolution or tracking for a more convenient moment.

Cost optimization throughout the entire lifecycle of the IT solution

After the software is released, its lifecycle is just beginning. It is crucial to ensure automated testing during the support and scaling stages to reduce expenses related to extensive product reworking or even restarting.

Enhanced competitiveness of the digital product

An IT solution with critical bugs is unlikely to receive positive user feedback from the moment of release. Test automation helps reduce the number and severity of issues experienced by users or even eliminates them. This increases the profitability of the project

What We Offer

Why should you choose Managed Code?

Elevate quality assurance. We streamline testing processes, ensuring efficient and error-free software performance. Save time and prevent regressions by detecting software glitches before they become customer concerns. 


Providing comprehensive services in designing, planning, and implementing the QA process.

Multi-industry experience

Skills and experience working with all popular IT niches and business sectors.

No compromises

Focus on achieving maximum results within the client's specified timeline.


Providing clients with our own testing platform, proven over time and successful projects.

Reliability of results

Taking full responsibility for the final quality of the digital solution tested by our experts.

Customer-oriented approach

Considering the client's business specifics, their target audience, and the highest industry standards.

We offer expert service

Test automation process from Managed Code

01.  Researching the niche and project ideas

Analyzing software specifications and concepts, evaluating their viability and competitiveness, and understanding customer needs and industry standards.

02.  Creating a plan and roadmap for QA

Preparing a detailed work plan considering client preferences, project scope, deadlines, required resources, and tools.

03.  Designing the testing architecture

Prioritizing testing, dividing it into levels, assigning responsibilities to testers, and integrating with CI/CD tools.

04.  Manually checking key functions

Conducting initial verification of test cases to validate testing methods and objectives, achieving maximum test coverage.

05.  Developing automation algorithms and deploying the working environment

Setting up and configuring a custom platform to meet the project's specific requirements. Transferring manual test cases into code that automatically replicates expert actions in one or multiple iterations of the software (or its components).

06.  Conducting multi-level testing of IT solutions

Initiating automated testing, potentially parallelizing it (for multiple platforms, browsers, operating systems), and localizing bugs.

07.  Preparing technical documentation, reports, and instructions

Generating detailed reports on identified issues and their resolve. Preparing other technical documentation and instructions for developers and users.

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